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Beat Budget Burnout (Before It Starts)

How do we avoid getting budget burnout? We focus our attention on the things we DO care about, more than the things we DON’T. It’s not a perfect system if you struggle with spending, but so far it’s worked for us!

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Asking Mike for PERMISSION to Buy Things?

I’ve been asked the question: “do I need to ask Mike for permission to make purchases?” In this video I discuss whether it’s important to talk to your spouse about every single purchase they make. Ultimately, we might have uncovered a much bigger idea to discuss another day.

Radical Personal Finance interview – https://goo.gl/G7E0D6

Traveling the Most Expensive Country in the World on a Budget

This will be our last video about our trip to Norway. Since we share all of our financials in our monthly newsletter, we wanted to break down the costs of gear and travel in this video.

If you’re thinking about going to Norway, our number one tip is to avoid restaurants. Everything else is actually pretty reasonable. (Note: A lot of that has to do with the current exchange rate being more favorable than in the past.)

Why Norway? (Road Trip 2015)

Many of you were probably wondering, of all the places in the world to travel, why Norway? Initially it was because we found round trip tickets for $375 and wanted to see the northern lights.

But after going it ended up being one of the best trips of our lives. We tried to capture just a few unforgettable moments in this video.

Glacier Hike – https://goo.gl/3uvW4l

The Mythical 12% Return

Dave Ramsey says you can expect a 12% return from the stock market. Naysayers say you can expect zero and the economy is about to collapse. We say….it’s probably somewhere in the middle.

This is a follow-up to our unintentionally controversial video last week about the power of compound interest.

Why Don’t They Teach This in School? – https://goo.gl/kAYaEM
IndexView – https://thume.ca/indexView/
Mr. Money Mustache 7% – https://goo.gl/fz18DG
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How Do You View Money?

There are some people who seem to attract money and opportunities, and some people who work hard but never get ahead. Why is that? In this video we discuss the differences between viewing money from a position of weakness and a position of strength.

Ultimately money should not be the goal. Instead money is a tool to help you achieve what matters most to you.

How to Think About Money – https://goo.gl/0M2Ylk

That’s Not Saving Money!

Today we discuss “malleable mental accounting” and how our brain plays tricks on us to circumvent self-control. Put simply, we keep a mental savings account that we use to justify unnecessary purchases.

The best way we’ve found to combat this phenomenon is the pay yourself first system. That way any “savings” you come across can be spent without thinking about it, since your long term goals are being met.

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Pinch Pennies or Focus on Big Wins?

Everybody loves to take sides. In the personal finance world, you?re either for frugality or focusing on big wins. We think to build wealth, you need both. If it takes money to make money, then where does that money come from? And once you make money, how are you supposed to keep any of it if you can?t control your spending?

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If We Woke up in Debt | Fix Your Finances

How would we get out of debt if we woke up one day with student loans and a credit card balance? By taking extreme measures to cut spending and earn extra income.

We discuss everything from cutting up our (hypothetical) credit cards to selling our excess furniture and gadgets on craigslist. Although it’s easy to stand on the sidelines and say “that’s what I would do,” we hope this is a help to someone out there.