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Everyone Thinks About Money

People often assume we obsess over money. That’s actually pretty far from the truth. In fact, we propose you might think about money more than we do.

What’s more important is that you approach every financial decision from a place of strength and control, not weakness. In the video, we discuss a few reasons why our lifestyle lends itself to that mindset.

100th Video! How Are We Doing?

This is our official 100th YouTube Video! In it we discuss how we got started making videos and a few of our favorites from the past year. We also made a survey to get your feedback on where things should be going in the future.

SURVEY LINK, please and thank you!

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Our Personal Favorite Video –
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Most Popular Finance Video –
Most Underrated Video –
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Most Controversial Video –

Rewarding Your Intentions?

Lauren talks about how she finds she rewards herself for her intentions before she starts a diet or forms a new habit.

Similarly, financial New Year’s resolutions are often preceded by splurging on a new TV or computer, when the hard work of getting the budget under control hadn’t been addressed yet.

Can You Change Your Spouse?

Tonight we’re going to talk about some of the ways Lauren and I have changed each other, for better or worse. We’ll also pose the question, ‘can you change your spouse’s habits (money or otherwise)’?

We’re only one perspective in this debate so bring your thoughts and comments LIVE Tuesday February 10th at 8:30PM EST.

Jackie’s $1000 Beater Car

2 months ago we had Jackie on our live show to help her decide whether or not she should buy a car used from craigslist or a dealer. At the end of the discussion, she decided she wanted to save extra money to buy something a little nicer.

Well things changed and she found a 1995 Toyota Camry for $1000 bucks. It runs great, has newer tires, and had the timing belt replaced.

We video interview her to ask how the transaction went and to shed light on some questions you had from the live show.

Retiring Before 59.5 – What About Penalties?

Ever wonder how you can access your retirement accounts without paying the 10% penalty? In this video we share our plan for avoiding IRA and 401k penalties by setting up a Roth Conversion Ladder.

Credit is due to the MadFientist who introduced us to the idea. Basically you rollover your old 401k into a traditional IRA, then convert that to a Roth IRA. The converted funds are considered ?income? and therefore ?contributions? so you may withdraw them at any time (after 5 years has passed) without tax or penalty.

More information can be found on his website:

Interestingly, President Obama’s 2016 budget proposal might close that loophole despite the IRS just putting out notice 2014-54 which seemed to confirm this is a viable and lawful strategy.

Link to the IRS Notice 2014-54: