Traveling the Most Expensive Country in the World on a Budget

This will be our last video about our trip to Norway. Since we share all of our financials in our monthly newsletter, we wanted to break down the costs of gear and travel in this video.

If you’re thinking about going to Norway, our number one tip is to avoid restaurants. Everything else is actually pretty reasonable. (Note: A lot of that has to do with the current exchange rate being more favorable than in the past.)

3 thoughts on “Traveling the Most Expensive Country in the World on a Budget

  1. Lisa

    Would love it if you would show an itinerary of places you stopped or the route you took to get to Tromso.

    Thanks! ??

  2. Rachael

    When staying in the cabins without running water where did you shower during your trip? I am going to Norway this September. Thank you!

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Hey Rachael! All of the campgrounds had nice shared shower facilities. Most of the showers operated by token that you bought at the front desk. Have fun on your trip!


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