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Can You Change Your Spouse?

Tonight we’re going to talk about some of the ways Lauren and I have changed each other, for better or worse. We’ll also pose the question, ‘can you change your spouse’s habits (money or otherwise)’?

We’re only one perspective in this debate so bring your thoughts and comments LIVE Tuesday February 10th at 8:30PM EST.

Jim Collins Thinks Your House Is a Bad Investment | Rent vs. Buy Analysis | Mike and Lauren LIVE

Tonight we have a special guest, Jim Collins, who is going to talk to us about why he thinks your house might be a bad investment. Topics will include rent vs. buy analysis, opportunity cost, and a few psychological factors you may not have considered.

Be sure to bring all of your questions about renting vs. buying your home, or any other questions you have for the Q&A.

Be sure to check out Jim’s blog:

His blog posts about the rent vs. buy debate:

His post about purchasing a house in Ecuador:

His post about bonds:


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Jim Collins on Tuesday LIVE Show!!!

Jim Collins is being our guest this Tuesday, January 27th at 8:30PM EST on our LIVE show. We are going to talk about whether you should rent or buy your home. Don’t miss it!

Be sure to check out Jim’s blog:

And also his blog post about the rent vs. buy debate:

Why your house is a terrible investment

See you Tuesday!

The Thin Line Between Entitlement and Opportunity | Mike and Lauren LIVE

Tonight we’re going to talk about the thin line between entitlement and opportunity. Do we all deserve to do what we love? Why does our generation expect to have everything our parents had the moment they graduate college?

LIVE! Tuesday Jan 20th 8:30PM EST


Lessons Learned from the Great Depression w/ Grandma Billie! | Mike and Lauren LIVE


1. Grandma wanted to add that people without jobs during the Great Depression (like her dad) had a tough time receiving handouts. They felt that?since they didn’t earn them through work, they didn’t deserve it.

She then explained it was recommended that she go on welfare when she was raising the kids alone, but she wanted to go back to work instead.

2. She wanted to stress how a strong work ethic is important for your well being, health, and self worth.

3. Try to be independent and not rely on others to do what you can do for yourself.

4. Most importantly she relied on her faith heavily to?help her through good and bad?times.

5. Someone asked how smoking had effected her health. She said that she smoked about a pack per week, because that’s all she could afford. What I didn’t know is that she quit because my dad asked her to stop when he was young. She said she would quit if he would never start. They both kept their promise.

As for long term effects, five years ago she was told she has the beginning stages of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), presumably from smoking. She didn’t mention if this has affected her quality of life.

Mike’s 87 year old grandma is on the show tonight to talk about life during and after the Great Depression. Topics include quality of life, frugal habits, and tips for longevity.

Be sure to tune in LIVE January 13th at 8:30PM EST.