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A Patreon Campaign that (Hopefully) Doesn’t Suck

Well, we finally did it… You know how we feel about asking for donations, so hopefully we’ve put something together that you think is worth contributing to. Let us know if anything isn’t working and/or if something doesn’t make sense!

Link to the Patreon!

3 Videos for new “Inner Circle” Members:
-We’re Paying $75,000 For What?!
-Our Thoughts Watching HGTV for One Week
-Why We Think You Signed Up…An Inside Look
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Giving Birth Abroad

Giving birth abroad has been something we’ve been thinking about since backpacking Europe. We discovered the rest of the world is not very accommodating to people with US passports, since we are so strict with immigration here in the States.

We also thought dual citizenship would be an extremely cool/useful/valuable gift we could give our children. After ruling out Europe and Canada, we found Costa Rica.

Our tickets and AirBnb is booked, and appointments are made. This is happening for real!

We’re not the first people to do this:

We’re Back! (And a Quick Channel Announcement)

We’re back with a quick update about DIY videos and the introduction of Lauren’s baby videos. Happy to be making videos again!

Progressive Video Links:
Does moving in together really save money? –
Living together before marriage? –
Who pays for the moving truck? –

Let’s Talk Sponsors and the Future of this Channel

Last week we mentioned we were approached by a few advertising companies. Let’s talk about what sponsorship on the channel might look like.

We’re also interested in your opinion about We were accepted as creators and we’d like to know if it’s something you think you would use.

Jim Collins Stock Series:

100th Video! How Are We Doing?

This is our official 100th YouTube Video! In it we discuss how we got started making videos and a few of our favorites from the past year. We also made a survey to get your feedback on where things should be going in the future.

SURVEY LINK, please and thank you!

Video Links:
Our Personal Favorite Video –
Most Popular Video –
Most Popular Finance Video –
Most Underrated Video –
Most Popular We Almost Didn’t Upload –
Most Controversial Video –

FINCON15, Here We Come!

We never had a chance to share our experience last year at FinCon. It was held in the beautiful and historic french quarter in New Orleans.

This year FinCon15 is being held in Charlotte, NC, and we’re happy to report we’ve been invited to speak again! Our topic will have something to do with video/YouTube/podcasting etc.

Here’s a recap of last year’s conference to give you an idea of why we’re so excited. The video includes brief clips with:

J.D. Roth –
J. Money –
Jim Wang –
Paula Pant –
Joshua Sheats –
Chris Ducker –

Special thanks to our host, PT –
For more info or to buy tickets, visit: