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Hello. ?We are Mike and Lauren.

If you want to get to know us in less than 2 minutes, start with this video:

We started this blog and YouTube channel?to document our trip across Europe. ?We brought only 28L backpacks and made no plans for where we would be traveling each?day. ?If you’d like to see how things turned out, you can watch our series on YouTube.

NOTE: These are some of our oldest videos. Quality has improved 🙂

We’ve always been conscious about money. ?We spent just under $10,000 for our entire trip including airfare, accommodations, food, and entertainment. ?Not bad for 2 people wandering aimlessly for 2 1/2 months.

We were able to afford our trip because we save a high percentage of our income. ?Since before we were even married we’ve been saving somewhere around 50% of our paychecks. ?But our trip gave us a glimpse of freedom that only financial independence can offer.

Last year we decided to ramp up our savings rate to reach our goal of retiring at 30. ?To see exactly how to plan to do this watch this video:

So far things are going according to plan. ?We decided that if we really wanted to help other people achieve financial independence with us, we needed to share the specifics of our finances. ?We made a video exposing our income, expenses and net worth for the world to see.

UPDATE: ?You can subscribe to our newsletter right here and get monthly net worth, income, and expense reports.

Every Friday we discuss personal finance. Sometimes they are practical tips, sometimes they are more “philosophical” in nature.

Our channel focuses heavily on DIY projects. ?Sometimes they’re simple home improvement projects, sometimes they are things you have never seen before. Here are a few of our favorites:

But our channel is not just limited to these topics. We try to make the most of life by learning new skills, getting out of our comfort zone, and challenging normal. We have no idea what that path looks like, but we’ll keep the cameras rolling anyways!

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12 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Post-consumer Life

    Super fun to watch your videos. Reminds me of me in my traveling twenties, before I took a detour into Responsible Adulthood, where we had kids and thought we were supposed to take out a ridiculous 30-year mortgage. Luckily, we found our way back to common sense, homesteading (no goats yet, though) and radical financial independence. Stay on track. The payoff is great. And I’m not even talking about money.

    1. Mike And Lauren

      Thanks, glad you liked them! We’re hoping to avoid responsible adulthood as long as possible 🙂

  2. Person Number 1

    Hi guys, just wanted to say that the chicken coop door vid was great, but how to find it on ur website, rather than utube?

  3. Mr. Termite

    Nice story, but you should hear about my relationship with my wife. Fell in love with her the day I saw her, but she hated me. Only thing she liked about me was I could fix her computer no one else could. So I stalked her for 14 years and finally she asked me to date her, then told me she loved me and finally asked me to marry her. Been a great 11 years since. Love your videos. Want to see how you got your nose almost tore off.

  4. johnny

    Just want to let you know this blog is really inspiring. My wife and I have also just set a goal of financial independence. We’all be following along with you so please keep it up! Great videos!

  5. Shari

    We lived in Sarasota for many years on Siesta Key. So intrigued after hearing your interview on Brandon, The Mad Fientist’s podcast. Fabulous? Will follow!!

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