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Mike Makes a Tool Board (Hand Tool Organization)

I’ve had my hand tools in a drawer at home for weeks after building the workshop. It was time to organize all of my hand tools on the wall with a custom tool board.

In this video I make holders for my most used tools (pliers, wrenches, hammer, tape measure, knife, screwdrivers, speed square etc.) Like Matthias and others, I prefer this tool board over the french cleat system.

The Economy Is About to Collapse! But, That Doesn’t Change Our Plans

People often wonder how our early retirement plan accounts for economic collapse or the bubble bursting. The short answer? We don’t account for collapse, however we do expect cycles of boom and bust.

In the video we discuss the 78 reasons why you shouldn’t have invested in the stock market over the last 100 or so years, and the one reason you should.

78 Reasons Link:

Mike Makes a 3D Wood Photo

We have strange shelves in the walls of our living room that end up collecting junk. We wanted to experiment making a 3D wood photo cutout using Steve Ramsey’s inkjet photo transfer method.

The project turned out great! How we divided the photo into layers worked out perfect, and the scroll saw made quick work of the cuts.

When we do it again, we’ll make sure to have plenty of ink the printer, do a lot more sanding, and use an image with more contrast.

The search for a scroll saw:

Steve Ramsey Video:

Our amazing photographer friend:

Woodworking with Mere Minutes to Spare!

We were inspired by Steve Ramsey’s greeting card project and decided we wanted to make a 3D photograph made of wood.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time today. So here’s a quick teaser of what’s to come later this week.

Steve Ramsey Greeting Card:

Our amazing photographer friend:

There Are No Short Cuts to Wealth


Health and wealth are two things you have to work hard to get and keep. There are no shortcuts to wealth. And if you find one, studies have shown you won’t have it for long.

In this video we talk a little bit about the Millionaire Next Door, and the 7 traits that most wealthy people share:

1.They live well below their means.
2.They allocate their time, energy and money efficiently in wealth building activities.
3.They belief financial independence is more important that displaying high status.
4/5.They did not inherit their wealth and their adult children are economically self sufficient.
6. They are great at selecting and seizing opportunity.
7. They chose the right occupation.

Study 1:
Study 2:
Mark Cuban:

Mike Makes Sawhorses | DIRESTA vs. Matthias Wandel Design!

I needed a few sawhorses for the shop. Instead of buying some, I made them with scrap wood. I couldn’t choose between Jimmy Diresta’s and Matthias Wandel’s design so I made both!

Which one did I decide to make a set of for the shop? Watch the video to find out! I was lucky enough to use a chop saw, table saw, radial arm saw, and nail gun. But it can be done with just a circular saw.

Breaking the Emergency Fund Rules | Fix Your Finances

Once you get out of debt, it’s time to build an emergency fund of 3-6 month’s expenses. How much to keep in your emergency fund depends on things like your job security, insurance, income sources, how many people you’re supporting, and much more.

In the video, we talk about how we don’t really have an emergency fund, but more of an “opportunity fund.” Normally, you should never spend your rainy day savings on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. We tend to break the rules 🙂

What’s your emergency fund story?

Turning Hobbies into Profit – Another Craigslist Score…

After purchasing our Mercedes 300CD last week, we thought it would be fun to look into building a teardrop trailer for camping around the US. As these things usually happen, a deal to good to pass up presented itself on craigslist.

For $300 dollars, we purchased a half finished Big Woody Teardrop Camper complete with cherry plywood walls, and mahogany trim.

We weren’t really looking for a project, Mike was researching teardrop camping, and it just turned up…

Follow along as we finish building our tiny camper, fix up the Mercedes diesel, and hit the open road!

Why Get out of Debt and Other Questions | Fix Your Finances

Last week’s video about how to get out of debt was well received, but there were a few questions people had about paying off loans.

Most importantly, why should getting out of debt be your number one priority? In addition, we answer the questions:

1. What if I’m upside down on my car loan?
2. Would you stop investing while you paid debt?
3. What about debt consolidation loans?

We Bought a Mercedes-Benz?

I first discovered Mercedes-Benz diesels on our trip to Europe and fell in love. On that trip I found out that the Mercedes w123 engine is considered to be one of the most reliable engines ever manufactured.

Fast forward 2 years and for some reason I start looking for one again. Well…we bought one. It’s a 1979 Mercedes 300CD, diesel (non-turbo).

My initial plan was to sell the Prius and drive the Mercedes to further extend the longevity of our transportation. But since I got such a good deal, we may end up just fixing it up and re-selling it for a profit.