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Should You Invest in Your Crappy 401(k) Plan?

We don’t have very much experience with 401k’s, but Lauren’s work just set one up. I was amazed how horrible our options were. Most funds had a front end load of 5% and the manager wanted 1% of our wealth per year for his “advice.”

Unfortunately, despite the lack of options 401(k)’s are usually worth it. Between a company match and tax advantages you’ll probably recover a lot of those fees. It’s just a shame we have to pick the lesser of two evils.

Should You Avoid Your Company’s 401k (Jim Collins) – https://goo.gl/SOiCRI
How to Campaign for a Better Plan – https://goo.gl/JnJZF7
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Work-Life Imbalance?

Today we ask the question: does Casey Neistat work too much? If you haven’t already, be sure to watch his daily vlogs. In this video we explore whether or not work life balance is important to our generation or are we just looking for meaningful work?

Casey’s Channel – https://goo.gl/KT2up3
Casey’s Studio – https://goo.gl/7DgLwO
Casey’s App – https://beme.com
Study Link – https://goo.gl/P05hqZ

That’s Not Saving Money!

Today we discuss “malleable mental accounting” and how our brain plays tricks on us to circumvent self-control. Put simply, we keep a mental savings account that we use to justify unnecessary purchases.

The best way we’ve found to combat this phenomenon is the pay yourself first system. That way any “savings” you come across can be spent without thinking about it, since your long term goals are being met.

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Do You Need a Good Credit Score? | Fix Your Finances

We’ve shared in the past that Mike used to have bad credit due to a foreclosure when he was 18 years old. Just this month (10 years later) it was removed from his credit report, so we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the pros and cons of building good credit.

Dave Ramsey is famously opposed to having any credit score whatsoever. We’re not so quick to jump on that bandwagon. Watch to find out when we think it’s a good idea to build credit, and when it’s not.

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Mike Makes a Folding Extension Cord Organizer

I built shelves to organize my power tools last week, but I needed a way to organize my extension cords. I was inspired by a Pinterest pin and the 5 in 1 coat hangers that you’ve “seen on TV.”

In this video I design my own space saving extension cord organizer that folds down flat against the wall when not in use. Overall I was very happy with the design and it’s working great!

I don’t have plans for this build, but if there’s enough interest I might put together a sketch or two.