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Beat Budget Burnout (Before It Starts)

How do we avoid getting budget burnout? We focus our attention on the things we DO care about, more than the things we DON’T. It’s not a perfect system if you struggle with spending, but so far it’s worked for us!

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Asking Mike for PERMISSION to Buy Things?

I’ve been asked the question: “do I need to ask Mike for permission to make purchases?” In this video I discuss whether it’s important to talk to your spouse about every single purchase they make. Ultimately, we might have uncovered a much bigger idea to discuss another day.

Radical Personal Finance interview – https://goo.gl/G7E0D6

We’re Falling Behind! Net Worth Update

It’s been one year since making plans for extreme early retirement. How are we doing? In short, we’re falling behind for the first time this month. But don’t worry, there’s a reason.

We decided to simplify our lives and focus our efforts on our jobs and making YouTube videos. Unfortunately that meant making some tough decisions.

Watch the video to see how far behind we are, and how we plan to get back on top!

3 Biggest Budget Busters

Some people seem to think we live in a cardboard box and eat ramen noodles to save money. In this video we talk about how we save money in the 3 categories that people spend most of their money.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average household spends $1400/mo on housing, $750/mo on transportation, and $550/mo on food.

We make up a lot of our savings in these three areas by being flexible on house size, driving only one car, and limiting our restaurant eating.

Food is still a work in progress for us, but we’re getting better.