Pinch Pennies or Focus on Big Wins?

Everybody loves to take sides. In the personal finance world, you?re either for frugality or focusing on big wins. We think to build wealth, you need both. If it takes money to make money, then where does that money come from? And once you make money, how are you supposed to keep any of it if you can?t control your spending?

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5 thoughts on “Pinch Pennies or Focus on Big Wins?

  1. Bryan

    I discovered your site about six months ago when I viewed a personal finance video on YouTube. I have really enjoyed watching your video posts!

    Definitely agree with you on the two camps for PF: Make more money or become very frugal. I thought the first approach was the way to go for years, then I swung to extreme frugality, and finally I am more aligned toward the middle of these strategies. I believe everyone needs to find what is best for you.

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Thanks for hanging around 🙂 agreed that everyone is different and need to find their own balance.

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