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A Patreon Campaign that (Hopefully) Doesn’t Suck

Well, we finally did it… You know how we feel about asking for donations, so hopefully we’ve put something together that you think is worth contributing to. Let us know if anything isn’t working and/or if something doesn’t make sense!

Link to the Patreon!

3 Videos for new “Inner Circle” Members:
-We’re Paying $75,000 For What?!
-Our Thoughts Watching HGTV for One Week
-Why We Think You Signed Up…An Inside Look
Sign up here! https://goo.gl/wMJpLx

Let’s Talk Sponsors and the Future of this Channel

Last week we mentioned we were approached by a few advertising companies. Let’s talk about what sponsorship on the channel might look like.

We’re also interested in your opinion about vessel.com. We were accepted as creators and we’d like to know if it’s something you think you would use.

Jim Collins Stock Series:

Zero to 10K Subscribers – How Did We Get Here?

I want to talk about starting a YouTube channel with zero subscribers. In the video I discuss how we got our first thousand subscribers and how it’s taken off exponentially since then. We’ll take a look at our analytics and see how much money you can make on YouTube, how to get views in the very beginning, and how become suggested more often on the “what to watch” page.

The growth of our channel has been incredible, but it’s neither the fastest nor the slowest I’ve witnessed. I think our results are very repeatable if you’re just starting on YouTube. We would love to go full time, and we have a very loose plan to do that. But even if that never happens, we’ve consider everything so far a huge success.

100th Video! How Are We Doing?

This is our official 100th YouTube Video! In it we discuss how we got started making videos and a few of our favorites from the past year. We also made a survey to get your feedback on where things should be going in the future.

SURVEY LINK, please and thank you!

Video Links:
Our Personal Favorite Video – https://goo.gl/p4fg0s
Most Popular Video – https://goo.gl/t6plcI
Most Popular Finance Video – https://goo.gl/W9pbOc
Most Underrated Video – https://goo.gl/7jkiV0
Most Popular We Almost Didn’t Upload – https://goo.gl/AyluFG
Most Controversial Video – https://goo.gl/rWh94H

Why We Make YouTube Videos

Ever wonder why we make YouTube videos? Why do YouTubers ask for subscribers? We share 10 reasons to vlog. Hopefully it will inspire you to do the same.

Yes we do make money making videos, but it’s so small it has very little to do with it. Find out what really makes it all worth while.

Best Pocket Video Camera For Vlogging? Canon G7X vs. Sony RX100 III

What is the best camera for making videos or vlogging on Youtube? Both the Sony RX100M3 and the Canon G7X have great video quality, flip out selfie screens, and fit in your pocket.

Although we ended up returning both cameras for unrelated reasons, I think the canon is the best all around fully automatic pocket video camera for YouTube. But there are some limitations, and the Sony RX100iii excels in a few areas.

Which camera did you enjoy watching more? Most of the video was recorded with a Canon 70D, 18-55 kit lense, and a Rode Videomic Pro.

All footage (including the 70D) is not graded, corrected, or altered in any way. Both the G7X and RX100M3 were used with automatic focus and white balance settings.

Audio vs. Video Quality – Which is more important on YouTube?

Which is more important on Youtube, audio or video quality? I think good audio is second only to good content. Here a couple of clips comparing $6500 dollars worth of camera equipment and $6500 dollars worth of audio equipment.

This is the first video in our new series about making better youtube videos. We get asked all the time about our video gear, so we decided it was time put up a few tutorials.

Gear Used:
Canon 70D
Canon C100
Rode VideoMic Pro
Rode NT1-A
Toft Audio
RNLA 7239
Digidesign Interface
Ableton Live
Final Cut Pro X
Canon 50mm f/1.2L

1000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! Thank you so much!

WOW! 1000 YouTube subscribers. Thank you everyone who has subscribed to our channel for all the love and support. To thank you, we came up with a little idea to make you a part of the future of our channel. We cut up 1000 little pieces of paper and spelled out “Thank You 1000.”

As we reach each new milestone, we’re going to save all of the little paper squares and use them to spell out the next message.

We’re also going to do a Q&A video. So if you have any questions for us, now is the time to ask!

Thank you all!