Let’s Talk Sponsors and the Future of this Channel

Last week we mentioned we were approached by a few advertising companies. Let’s talk about what sponsorship on the channel might look like.

We’re also interested in your opinion about vessel.com. We were accepted as creators and we’d like to know if it’s something you think you would use.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Sponsors and the Future of this Channel

  1. The Roamer

    Hi Mike and Lauren!

    So my 2 cents. Though I don’t think I would personally subscribe to the other service I think you should do it.

    Timing seems perfect, if I remember correctly you said you are 8 week which means the sooner you start it is possible that your 6 month commitment will be done before baby even arrives. Which means you can drop it if it’s too much work or just not a good fit.

    Plus with the extra exposure that seems like a good thing too.

    Congrats on the new sponsorships!

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Thanks for the input. That seems to be the general consensus, although we’re still on the fence.

  2. Mark H.

    I agree with The Roamer… I wouldn’t sign up for the service, but the potential exposure for your channel sounds HUGE. You explained the pros and cons. This just might be one of those forks in the road choices that really catapults your channel into the next level.

    With early retirement is a primary focus, I think an opportunity like this could really turn the table on pushing your YouTube revenue. You might be celebrating 25K subscribers before you know it! Take the leap, bask in the heightened exposure, and keep doing what you’re doing. Success will continue to find you. šŸ™‚

    (Congrats on the baby news too!)

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