A Patreon Campaign that (Hopefully) Doesn’t Suck

Well, we finally did it… You know how we feel about asking for donations, so hopefully we’ve put something together that you think is worth contributing to. Let us know if anything isn’t working and/or if something doesn’t make sense!

Link to the Patreon!

3 Videos for new “Inner Circle” Members:
-We’re Paying $75,000 For What?!
-Our Thoughts Watching HGTV for One Week
-Why We Think You Signed Up…An Inside Look
Sign up here! https://goo.gl/wMJpLx

2 thoughts on “A Patreon Campaign that (Hopefully) Doesn’t Suck

  1. Peter

    This is all just too complex, inner circle, outer circle, executive producer!

    I just want to watch your videos.

    Your inner circle is posting
    75000 on what
    Thoughts on Hgtv watching after a week
    I would watch that if it was free, now I have to pay?

    Sounds like you have a plan but It seems too much work.

    Good luck, by the way will you be driving that bus down to Latin America to have the baby?

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      You’re welcome to keep watching as normal 🙂 No we won’t be driving to Costa Rica, we’ll be flying.

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