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FINCON15, Here We Come!

We never had a chance to share our experience last year at FinCon. It was held in the beautiful and historic french quarter in New Orleans.

This year FinCon15 is being held in Charlotte, NC, and we’re happy to report we’ve been invited to speak again! Our topic will have something to do with video/YouTube/podcasting etc.

Here’s a recap of last year’s conference to give you an idea of why we’re so excited. The video includes brief clips with:

J.D. Roth – https://jdroth.com
J. Money – https://budgetsaresexy.com
Jim Wang – https://microblogger.com
Paula Pant – https://affordanything.com
Joshua Sheats – https://radicalpersonalfinance.com
Chris Ducker – https://chrisducker.com

Special thanks to our host, PT – https://ptmoney.com
For more info or to buy tickets, visit: https://finconexpo.com/

1000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! Thank you so much!

WOW! 1000 YouTube subscribers. Thank you everyone who has subscribed to our channel for all the love and support. To thank you, we came up with a little idea to make you a part of the future of our channel. We cut up 1000 little pieces of paper and spelled out “Thank You 1000.”

As we reach each new milestone, we’re going to save all of the little paper squares and use them to spell out the next message.

We’re also going to do a Q&A video. So if you have any questions for us, now is the time to ask!

Thank you all!