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Best Pocket Video Camera For Vlogging? Canon G7X vs. Sony RX100 III

What is the best camera for making videos or vlogging on Youtube? Both the Sony RX100M3 and the Canon G7X have great video quality, flip out selfie screens, and fit in your pocket.

Although we ended up returning both cameras for unrelated reasons, I think the canon is the best all around fully automatic pocket video camera for YouTube. But there are some limitations, and the Sony RX100iii excels in a few areas.

Which camera did you enjoy watching more? Most of the video was recorded with a Canon 70D, 18-55 kit lense, and a Rode Videomic Pro.

All footage (including the 70D) is not graded, corrected, or altered in any way. Both the G7X and RX100M3 were used with automatic focus and white balance settings.

Audio vs. Video Quality – Which is more important on YouTube?

Which is more important on Youtube, audio or video quality? I think good audio is second only to good content. Here a couple of clips comparing $6500 dollars worth of camera equipment and $6500 dollars worth of audio equipment.

This is the first video in our new series about making better youtube videos. We get asked all the time about our video gear, so we decided it was time put up a few tutorials.

Gear Used:
Canon 70D
Canon C100
Rode VideoMic Pro
Rode NT1-A
Toft Audio
RNLA 7239
Digidesign Interface
Ableton Live
Final Cut Pro X
Canon 50mm f/1.2L