Zero to 10K Subscribers – How Did We Get Here?

I want to talk about starting a YouTube channel with zero subscribers. In the video I discuss how we got our first thousand subscribers and how it’s taken off exponentially since then. We’ll take a look at our analytics and see how much money you can make on YouTube, how to get views in the very beginning, and how become suggested more often on the “what to watch” page.

The growth of our channel has been incredible, but it’s neither the fastest nor the slowest I’ve witnessed. I think our results are very repeatable if you’re just starting on YouTube. We would love to go full time, and we have a very loose plan to do that. But even if that never happens, we’ve consider everything so far a huge success.

5 thoughts on “Zero to 10K Subscribers – How Did We Get Here?

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  2. Sara Bloom

    Hey Mike,

    I really enjoyed this video and have been thinking about what you said about naming your titles with more searchable terms and words. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to figure out what words and phrases are more searchable than others? Are there websites that tell you that information?


    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Hey Sara,

      I’ll probably be doing a video on this, because it’s a common question. I use the google keyword planner. It’s free, but requires an account with adwords. It gives you monthly search estimates for exact phrases. Click “search for new keywords using a phrase…” >> type your example word or phrase >> get ideas >> and then in the middle click the “keyword ideas” tab. Then you can sort by relevance or number of monthly searches. If one phrase has more searches than another, I’ll use that in the title. Hope that helps!

      1. Sara

        Thanks Mike! You should definitely do a video on this!

        Also, hope you are enjoying having Chachi around. I’m missing her…even if she did live 2.5 hours from me before.

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