$1100 Dollars in Fluids/Filters! (Buying an RV Without Service History)

Before we take our ’99 Monaco Dynasty on the road, I decided to perform a full maintenance service. I quickly learned there was more involved than I first thought. Over $1000 dollars in fluids/ filters and 2 weeks of research led me to this…

By the end of the weekend I changed the oil, air, and fuel filter in our Onan 7500 generator. Changed the fluid and filters in the hydraulic system, and replaced the fuel filters and diesel engine oil.

7 thoughts on “$1100 Dollars in Fluids/Filters! (Buying an RV Without Service History)

  1. Shawn

    I can only imagine what that would have cost had you had someone else perform the work. All the forums I have read say you should be able to do a lot of maintenance yourself or it gets ridiculously expensive. Are you going to be purchasing a camping pass like Thousand trails zone pass or doing something else for the other nights when you travel??

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      My guess is $3000-4000. We’ve looked into thousand trails elite memberships on eBay, but we’re going to try the lifestyle a little while before we commit to something like that.

  2. eric

    Don’t know if you guys noticed but it looks like the right side reverse light was out as well.

  3. Opal

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  4. Sam M

    We’ve been using PassportAmerica.com’s discount program. Discounts are not available in peak locations, but we skipped all the way around Florida last March-April at 50% discount. The mebership is only $40 so the ROI is very good.

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