We Bought an RV!

It’s getting serious…We just dropped 32 grand on a 1999 Monaco Dynasty! Here’s a quick tour of the RV showing some of the things we like about it and a few of the necessary repairs.

We’re happy with our choice. Everything is really well built…solid cherry cabinets, instant hot water, corian countertops etc.

1999 Monaco Dynasty PBS 40′ Slide
Cummins 350HP Diesel – 119k miles
Onan 7500 Diesel Generator
Newish tires, roof, awnings, batteries, and solar panels.

8 thoughts on “We Bought an RV!

  1. Shawn

    That’s so awesome!! Congrats. Is it your plan to travel across america or stay in one place??

    That is actually part of my plan for retirement in 5 to 8yrs. I want to spend half the year in Canada, my home for the spring/summer, and head south for the winter. I haven’t decided though if we will just stay at RV parks or if I will buy land here to park it or at my house or sell my house and buy a condo and rent it out until I can no longer RV because of medical issues as I age!!

  2. Gene Jordan

    I’m happy to see you making progress with your plans and I’m looking forward to seeing the new videos about the repairs to the RV.

    My plans hadn’t included an RV, but it may be something to consider as I do travel locally throughout the Midwest for various hobby related stuff and I could stay in it while traveling.

  3. Tom McGaughan

    Mike & Lauren,
    Looking forward to your plans for the trailer. ..joined your newsletter.
    Great minds think alike!!
    I already have the RV (not the one of my dreams!) and am also looking for a cargo trailer.

    Myrtle Beach, SC

  4. Sam M

    We purchased a 99 Monaco Dynasty 40PBS in May, 2014. It’s been a fantastic motorhome, and was very well built.. Great choice and good luck in your new life. Don’t miss Dry Tortugas National Park if you go to Key West.

    We’re going to be selling our RV in a month (May, 2016) in Western WA and taking another step in our life plan.
    PLUG: If anyone is interested feel free to contact us on our FB page @ https://20fromnow.com

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Wow, our exact model. Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it and we made a good choice. Any tips or big ticket items we should watch out for?

  5. Allan

    Great video! I’m trying to buy an RV with the same #1 priority; lose the minimum amount of money when I go to sell. Any further advice?

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Hmmm… If I could do it over again I would stick with buying an older luxury model coach. Everything has been easier repairing something that was built with quality materials. There are two things that will destroy your budget- diesel engine/transmission repair and roof leaks. Try and get a unit with the single piece fiberglass roof. If you see any soft spots on the walls, I would walk away. Finally be prepared to do ALL the work yourself. If we had to pay a service center to do any of the repairs I’ve done, this simply would have been an option. We’re eventually going to make a video called “RVs are for the rich or the handy.” Doing things yourself seems to be very reasonable. $50 dollars here, $100 there. But to pay $120/hr would add up to thousands quickly.


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