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Uh, Yea…It’s Pretty BIG | Pre-Tour of Our New Trailer!!

The Ultimate Mobile Workshop trailer has been delivered! It turned out so much better than we could have hoped. Now we get to the fun part of building out the whole interior with benches, cabinets, and storage.

The biggest thank you to Lark United Manufacturing!


Prototyping a Modular Tool Storage Idea

I needed a way to store benchtop power tools in the mobile woodshop without taking up any bench space. I thought it would be cool to use the e-track welded to the walls in the trailer to create a modular power tool storage system.

It’s really only necessary because we need to have space to pull the car in the trailer. During travel they need to be locked in place otherwise a french cleat system would have worked.

What do you think? Is there a simpler way to accomplish this?

Thank you to LARK UNITED trailers for building our trailer!

Mike Makes a Safety Gear Cabinet

I bought a bunch of woodworking safety gear on Amazon a few weeks ago. I’ve been working with it and my only problem is everything gets too dusty in the shop.

I decided to build a safety gear cabinet with a plexiglass door so it stays dust free and always on my mind. I also do a review of a few items including: 3M safety glasses, Uvex s1600x bandit glasses, 3M Peltor H10A and the 3M TEKK worktunes hearing protection.

Mike Makes a 3D Wood Photo

We have strange shelves in the walls of our living room that end up collecting junk. We wanted to experiment making a 3D wood photo cutout using Steve Ramsey’s inkjet photo transfer method.

The project turned out great! How we divided the photo into layers worked out perfect, and the scroll saw made quick work of the cuts.

When we do it again, we’ll make sure to have plenty of ink the printer, do a lot more sanding, and use an image with more contrast.

The search for a scroll saw:

Steve Ramsey Video:

Our amazing photographer friend: