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Extreme Buzz Wire Game with STUN GUN!

What would you do if someone gave you a broken stun gun? I decided to make an extreme DIY buzz wire game. I knew no one would touch it if the only option was the full 4 million volts, so I broke it into 3 stages.

Level 1 feels more like a vibration than a shock. Level 2 is a little uncomfortable. Level 3 is all the power this thing has! So far no one has finished it!

Ben’s YouTube Channel – https://goo.gl/HDK1gA

PLEASE READ: Do not try this at home. Also, I’m sure people are going to comment about letting the kids use it…Those were the parents who were standing right there and by that point the battery was so low it felt less powerful than a static shock. Still dangerous but it was their choice 🙂

Mike Makes a Luxo Style Desk Lamp (TEASER)

Ever since receiving my X-Carve, a “Luxo Style” desk lamp has been on the top of my priority list. Unfortunately, every time I tried to design it, I would get frustrated. Last weekend I finally took the time to learn Google Sketchup using Jay Bate’s tutorials.

Jay’s Tutorials – https://goo.gl/zpSHPv

I made a prototype of my lamp, and I’m very happy with the results. I want to make sure I take my time building the real thing, so here is a quick teaser of my progress this weekend.

X-Carve: https://www.inventables.com/

Mike Makes a 4 Section Lumber Rack

My shop is a mess. The biggest problem is all the lumber scattered throughout the workshop. I’ve got full sheets of plywood next to small piles of hardwood. Today I did something about it and built a custom lumber rack! It has vertical storage for plywood, trim, and bins for other scraps.

I built this without a plan and as a result some of my joinery wasn’t the strongest, but once everything was tied together it was very sturdy.

Mike Makes a Safety Gear Cabinet

I bought a bunch of woodworking safety gear on Amazon a few weeks ago. I’ve been working with it and my only problem is everything gets too dusty in the shop.

I decided to build a safety gear cabinet with a plexiglass door so it stays dust free and always on my mind. I also do a review of a few items including: 3M safety glasses, Uvex s1600x bandit glasses, 3M Peltor H10A and the 3M TEKK worktunes hearing protection.

Micarta Love Letters with Thrift Store Fabric (Layered Cloth and Wood)

Lauren wanted to make wooden letters that spelled “love” for the living room. I thought it would be a good chance to try a micarta style layering of fabric and wood.

All was going well until the epoxy set up too fast half-way through. We changed gears and didn’t use the maple veneer I made, but ended up with a unique decoration and a memorable time together in the shop.

Setting Up Shop – Part 1 | Mike Makes

Over the past two weeks I’ve moved all of my Dad’s tools into the new shop, bought a Grizzly G1023SL 10″ table saw for $450 bucks, and somewhat restored my 10″ Craftsman drill press.

I built two work benches along the walls and recessed the Dewalt 12″ miter saw and DeWalt 10″ Power Shop radial arm saw into the top.

I’m very happy with the progress so far. Next, I need to build tool holders to hang all of my hand tools on the wall!