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Tackling DIY A/C Repair

The dash air conditioning in our motorhome was broken and I saw there was a leak from the fitting going into the compressor. Everyone I called to fix it wanted to remove the 40 foot lines from the RV and take them to a shop to install the new fittings. This would have cost $400-500 dollars so I decided to fix the connector myself with the mastercool hyrda-krimp a/c crimping tool.

I needed to upgrade to the $300 dollar crimping tool because I wanted to do the work in the engine bay and not at a vise, but the cheaper ones work just as well.

The $140 dollar crimping tool:
My manifold gauge:
The more expensive crimping tool I bought:

Progress on the Mercedes

We spent 4th of July on the beach so there wasn’t enough time to complete a project in the shop. We thought instead of no video, we’d share our afternoon together working on the Mercedes A/C system.

I bought the kit to convert the ACCII climate control to electronic on eBay for $250 bucks. Unfortunately, it was missing a part, so we couldn’t getting working for you in this video. We’ll post a short update whenever it’s fully functional.