Why $420,000 Dollars?

We’ve talked about what retirement means to us before, but we’ve never really addressed how we came up with $420,000 dollars as our target early retirement nest egg.

In this video we discuss why we chose $420k, why it’s probably not enough, and why that’s OK. Hopefully it answers some of your questions.

Retire Comfortably? https://goo.gl/ufZFR7
What Retirement Means To Us – https://goo.gl/VAeXfx
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Internet Retirement Police – https://goo.gl/eKdVmS

3 thoughts on “Why $420,000 Dollars?

  1. Bryallen

    Inspirational!! I hadn’t noticed the difference between your ER plans and current spending until you pointed it out here, but I’m also planning on working on my own stuff after FI, so your video has given me a push to take a deeper look at my plans and hopefully lower my time to FIRE! 🙂

    Thanks guys! Love it!

  2. Bryan @ Just One More Year

    That does clear up some of the questions I had about your situation. I laughed when you described the typical response you would get from someone saying there is no way you will have enough saved.

    I am confident you will do well at whatever you set your minds to at this point. Your $420K will give you a nice safety net just in case you need it. You will be able to retire: no longer needing to work because you have to pay for your living expenses.

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