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Mike Makes Toy Wood Tools!

This weekend we’re on mission to make an Instagram photo for Lauren. Yesterday she asked me to make a small wood toy tool set and promised she’d help in the shop.

To my surprise she stayed all day! The wood tools turned out great. We made a saw, hammer, screwdriver, square, wrench and tool box. The beeswax and mineral oil finish is both non-toxic and smooth. I will definitely be using it for future projects.

Like Lauren’s Instagram Photo!

Mike Makes Sawhorses | DIRESTA vs. Matthias Wandel Design!

I needed a few sawhorses for the shop. Instead of buying some, I made them with scrap wood. I couldn’t choose between Jimmy Diresta’s and Matthias Wandel’s design so I made both!

Which one did I decide to make a set of for the shop? Watch the video to find out! I was lucky enough to use a chop saw, table saw, radial arm saw, and nail gun. But it can be done with just a circular saw.

Setting Up Shop – Part 1 | Mike Makes

Over the past two weeks I’ve moved all of my Dad’s tools into the new shop, bought a Grizzly G1023SL 10″ table saw for $450 bucks, and somewhat restored my 10″ Craftsman drill press.

I built two work benches along the walls and recessed the Dewalt 12″ miter saw and DeWalt 10″ Power Shop radial arm saw into the top.

I’m very happy with the progress so far. Next, I need to build tool holders to hang all of my hand tools on the wall!

DIY Jewelry Wall Organizer and Display

I?ve talked before about how I don?t have a lot of clothes, but I do like to accessorize what I have to keep it looking fresh. I ended up collecting a plethora of costume necklaces, and they all just got piled up on my dresser and looked like a huge mess. I started looking for something to hang them on, but anything I found just cost too much to justify buying. So in the meantime I started hanging all the necklaces on a clothes hanger in my closet just to keep them out of the way.

A few months of this went by, and my necklaces were still getting in a jumbled mess that I would have to pull apart every time I wanted to wear one.

Mike of course is very handy, but I am not. I decided I wanted to change that and asked him if he would help to teach me some wood working skills, and he was totally on board. I looked up a few pictures online and found an idea for a cabinet that I really liked on Ana White?s website (https://ana-white.com/2012/06/plans/wall-jewelry-cabinet). Mike liked it too, but made a few adjustments to it to make it our own.

Unfortunately, the day we selected to do this ended up being a bit busy. We had to squeeze the project into a two and a half hour window between teaching in the morning and a bridal shower in the afternoon. Mike was a total trooper and gathered all the supplies and tools needed and was ready to get to work as soon as I got there. The two and a half hours weren?t enough to get everything done, so Mike had to finish up the door to the cabinet after I left. Even though I didn?t get to do a ton of work, I really enjoyed helping Mike and learning the processes needed for a project like this.

And it also doesn?t hurt that I LOVE the finished product!