Vlog Fail #1



Our goal this week was to show you where we work. Unfortunately, we did a really bad job vlogging. Lauren had a difficult time filming at work and Mike just had a bunch of clips with no context or explanations.

We decided to post it anyways, because WE’RE ON VACATION!!!

Remember, no live show this Tuesday, March 10th.

2 thoughts on “Vlog Fail #1

  1. Greg Watson

    Actually, I think This was one of your most entertaining videos for me! It was short, you showed the difficulties inherent with setting off in a new direction (vlogging) and the editing of what you did have was fun!

    I think that there is a mistaken view that “polished” is what the viewer wants, but I think there is huge value in seeing the learning process in action.

    In observing young children at the play ground, the ones just learning to walk don’t pay much attention to the older kids running around. From what I have seen, they tend to pay attention to the toddlers that are just a little bit better than themselves with standing up or walking with assistance. ( I happen to have a background in Physiological Psychology does it show? 😉

    I for one am looking forward to seeing where your experiment goes. I admire your willingness to take a chance!


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