Tricking Lauren into Buying a RV | Buying and Selling on Craigslist

Whenever there is an expensive hobby or vehicle I want to buy, I always tell Lauren I can find a way to make money from it. When I wanted to buy a RV, I made the same deal with her.

We bought a 1991 Toyota Winnebago Itasca for $3500, never used it, and then sold it for a $2800 profit. This is the story of how we did it.

4 thoughts on “Tricking Lauren into Buying a RV | Buying and Selling on Craigslist

  1. William

    Great piece! Craigslist is awesome. I have sold over $3k worth of stuff this year on Craigslist. Haven’t missed any of it!

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      That’s awesome! The best part is, anything you sell on craigslist you can get back for about the same price if you miss it too much. Like you though, I’ve never missed anything I’ve sold.

  2. William

    Really enjoying all of the new videos! I am investing in stocks that have increased dividend payouts. There are some great companies in the market that are trading at what I feel is at a discount. Also rental properties are another great “passive” income investment stream. No investment is truly passive some investments require less involvement than others!

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Very true. There are definitely ways to make rental properties more passive, but it’s going to lower your ROI.

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