10 thoughts on “Things Are About to Change…

  1. Joel & Jodie

    Hey Mike & Lauren,

    Jodie and I live in Ohio in a house that we just puchased back in June and started a complete remodel! We have several projects that seam like they will never get done working on the by ourselves and spending a a day or more with a team would be a great way to get one of them done! The main questions would be when could you come and which one to choose… very excited for you both and I don’t think you will have any issues with finding people who want you to come. Also if you need any help setting up that mobIle workshop I would love to help as it sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

    God bless,

    Joel & Jodie

  2. Jessica Roberts

    Hi Mike and Lauren!

    My husband and I love your channel!! It is funny because we have thought about meeting you somehow even before you posted this video. It would be awesome for you to come visit us in northwest Arkansas. It is incredibly beautiful here. We are your age and have had the privilege of living all over the country. We are not DIYers, but have a strong desire to become that way or at least to learn new skills. We take pride in living a thrifty life and find inspiration when we watch your channel. 🙂

    Jessica and Simon

  3. EUcitizen

    Good luck!
    I’m definitely want to see the whole process of selling stuff and moving into an RV. I’m doing that now and I’m somewhat stuck.

  4. Tom Brieske

    My wife and I love just outside of Seattle WA and I would love to join forces with you two and do a build! I have thoughts of something as grand as a diy teardrop trailer to a more pedestrian build of a dinner table. I have a humble home shop setup in my garage and watching you in your shop makes want to keep experimenting and building in mine. If you make it out to the west coast I would enjoy crossing paths with both of you!

    – Tom

  5. Arleesha

    Hey guys! My husband and I are also planning to transition into full time RV-ing this year, and we’d love to get together with you for some kind of custom RV mod! We’ve only just started building a tiny bit of a web presence, but we’d love to hang out with you guys here in Hamburg, PA. Sorry if I’m posting this here and you guys already have a more official form set up.

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