The Convenience Paradox

What are some of the hidden costs of our convenience culture? What happens when things that are supposed to be more “convenient” simply, aren’t?

In this video we discuss how sometimes doing it yourself can be quicker and cheaper than hiring a professional.

2 thoughts on “The Convenience Paradox

  1. Rob Sorbo

    Here’s a scenario I run into every time it’s warm enough to grill: I go to the meat section of the grocery store and I see a package of steak for $7-8 dollars, and I won’t buy it. I guess I think about how much my groceries should cost each week, how $7-8 is a lot for one grocery item, and so on, Then, just a few days later I’ll go to a restaurant and see a steak for $12, and think to myself “oh wow, that’s a great deal!”

    I’ll never understand why my brain thinks it’s a better deal to pay more for a steak for me than for a steak dinner for my family, but I run into this a lot.

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Haha that is so true! It’s similar to how you will drive across town to save a few cents on gas but wouldn’t do the same to save a few dollars on anything else.


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