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Does Homesteading Save Money? feat. BABY GOATS!!!

The results are in. We no longer have any backyard animals, but we do have some hard numbers to share with you about raising goats and chickens. In this video we answer the question: does homesteading save money?

In the past month, we lost 2 chickens to a mysterious predator, and gave our last one away. Blanche had 2 babies, Arthur and Stanley. And we failed to try our hand at gardening this spring. We have plans to fix our mistakes in the fall. But until then…

Saying Goodbye to Our Goats

About a year ago we bought two baby Nubian goats. We made a video called Urban Goats in the Backyard, and said that if you’re thinking about goats you should get them.

We’re sad to say, one year later ours are going to a new home. We’ve been traveling too much to consider finding a buck to get them pregnant and a friend has been looking for nubian goats.

In exchange for our goats, he is going to provide us with goat milk and cheese. So it’s a win-win situation. Except… The goats have become our pets.

We had a hard time giving them up, but it was for the best.