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Our “Personal Finance Masterclass” Is Now Available!

We’ve created a Udemy course about the basics of personal finance! We cover how to master your money, grow your income, reduce your debt, budget the smart way, invest, and much more!

Course Overview – https://www.udemy.com/personal-finance-masterclass/?couponCode=YT25

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Analyze Your Spending | Fix Your Finances

How to use mint.com’s “trends” feature to analyze your spending and fix your finances! We are only looking for problem areas in our budget this video, not tackling creating a budget from scratch.

Next week we’ll start outlining sample budgets depending on where you are at financially. It was too much to fit in one video.

We also share a couple of quick tips for calculating how much your savings could be worth in 10 years:
Mr. Money Mustache Article https://goo.gl/H54L0e

Monthly Expenses: MULTIPLY by 173
Weekly Expenses: MULTIPLY by 752

What Is Your Financial Situation? | Fix Your Finances

Before we can begin to talk about budgeting or investing, we need to get an idea for where you’re at financially. The easiest way to do that is to start tracking your spending for a month.

You can do that by hand, but there are websites and software that will do it for you. We use https://mint.com. We have been using it trouble free for over 5 years. It’s tracked and categorized almost 6500 transactions!

While we’re waiting for data to accumulate, you can calculate your net worth to see where you stand financially.

NOTE: If you are a viewer outside of USA, you can purchase a program called “You Need A Budget” (YNAB) that makes manual expense tracking easy.