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  1. m-


    Just want to help with your sisters car search. I live in the greater Seattle Area. The hills and mountains are no joke around Seattle.It is a big misconception that Seattle is flat. It isn’t.

    I am originally from Montana(a cold dry snow), the Seattle Snow is wet and think. Like MMM said a good set of winter tires and tire chains are very wise choice for winter driving. Also, learning how to install them on the side of the road before taking any passes. Also, be reminded that when it snows in Seattle everything shuts down(buses,car,s,4x4s). They do not have the snow plows to remove the snow from the road like the mid-west. Sometime it is safer and wiser to just stay home.

    I drive a manual transmission 2003 Ford Focus. I have driven a manual for over 15 years and do not like driving downtown Seattle near Pikes Place Market. Another idea is since there are so many Starbucks in the Seattle area could she start picking up shift at the one close enough to her that she could walk. I literally have 2 with in a 10 minute walk. No car, no insurance, free workout.

    Other then that good luck!!


    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Thanks for the tips! I agree learning about tire chains should be near the top of her list. As far as hills and starbucks, she actually lives outside of Seattle a bit in a city called Aberdeen. So she doesn’t have any other Starbucks she can transfer to.

      That’s crazy they don’t plow up there if it gets too bad.


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