Mike Makes a Contemporary (kind of) Triangle Bench

Our church’s high school group needed some benches for their meeting area. I decided to copy Louis Lim’s ’round and round’ contemporary bench design, somewhat successfully.

I had trouble figuring out how to measure the “skin” that goes around the base of the triangle. I think I was trying to make a “truncated cylinder” but I couldn’t quite get the dimensions right. Ultimately trial and error prevailed.

Louis Lim (Original Design) – https://www.makingworks.com/

UPDATE: One of our viewers Joseph Malovich figured out the math for us in Solidworks. ?Here is his design. ?Thanks Joseph!

180 bench mike and lauren


mike makes contemporary bench




5 thoughts on “Mike Makes a Contemporary (kind of) Triangle Bench

  1. Randall Payne

    Awesome job. I have no clue on the math, but, can you tell us where you purchased the flexible plywood and it’s brand name. Thanks for the videos, my wife and I love your financial and travel videos.

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Thanks! The plywood doesn’t have a “brand” that I’m aware of. But, I purchased it from a cabinet shop in town and they called it “bendy barrel” plywood.

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