Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion | Pre-Build Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of our upcoming cargo trailer to tiny house/RV/camper conversion. Included is a full kitchen, Murphy bed with dining table built in, fold out shower, and expanding bathroom wall!

I designed the model in Fusion 360, a free program I think anyone interested in making things should learn, so I’m thinking about making a crash course video series.

Notify me when the Fusion 360 course is available!

One thought on “Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion | Pre-Build Virtual Tour

  1. C2017

    After stumbling upon and reading/watching some of your stuff I can’t help but feel you are using the wrong trailer/equipment for what you want to do.

    My personal opinion is that you should sell that trailer and buy a gooseneck enclosed car hauler (bare bones without any extras so you can set it up for your shop and living quarters) and a dual wheel diesel truck. The gooseneck car hauler will allow for a longer trailer since it sits over the pickup box (which is where you could put your own bed), it will tow much better, and it will also provide both of you much more living space without greatly increasing the total vehicle lengths. It would likely help simplify your design a bit, too.

    If you’ve never hauled a gooseneck or 5th wheel trailer, there’s absolutely no comparison with a bumper pull, they tow like a dream. And, they’re simple to hook and unhook as opposed to a bumper pull.

    Good luck.

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