Better than Buying (4 DIY Skill Levels)

Lauren asked me how I learned to build things after our jewelry organizer video. I didn’t have a good answer. I’ve just been slowly acquiring skills in carpentry, mechanics, electronics, and design my whole life.

As best I can remember, these are the 4 stages that every DIYer has to go through before their projects turn out “better than buying.”

Our question to you is: Do you think anyone is capable of turning a wrench or pounding a hammer? Or are some people just not able to take care of things themselves?

2 thoughts on “Better than Buying (4 DIY Skill Levels)

  1. david

    I think anyone is capable of learning skills that support self-sufficiency and allow for ever-growing DIY opportunities. However, the only thing holding people back is the perception that they aren’t “that type of person.” More and more, I see an emphasis in education that everyone should be specialized and become an expert in a sole, narrow profession. In reality, we can all benefit from and quickly adapt to many different fields and trades.

    After people overcome that initial fear of failing at something new, it becomes exhilarating and addicting to learn new things, You learn to embrace early mistakes and enjoy the rapid progress of getting down the basics. With DIY, fabrication, carpentry, and the like, the physical results of your work are instant, positive feedback of your accomplishments. I hope that everyone gives projects like these a try, because it’s quite empowering to discover your innate creativity and build items that are useful in everyday life.

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Couldn’t agree more. The instant feedback and accomplishment is what I love about DIY. It’s so much more fulfilling to see a project from start to finish than just pick up the phone and write a check. It’s working through those initial failures that make success so sweet.


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