What About Health Care!?!

One of the biggest criticisms of early retirement is health care. How are we going to afford it? What about getting older? Now we?re forced to buy it!

Our plan for health care in early retirement is the ACA (Obamacare), medical tourism, and preventative care. What most people don?t know is that the United States is not a forerunner in quality of health care. By utilizing our ability to travel, we can get better care overseas for less money.

Why is Health Care So Expensive? https://goo.gl/oSafux
Go Curry Cracker – https://goo.gl/m5hyZx
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2 thoughts on “What About Health Care!?!

  1. Juan Berthoud

    After living my whole life in latin america and now a resident in US, I can only wish you guys the best of luck with the healt care approach, practice always differs from teory and health is not a subject to gamble with.
    What you might want to do, is to create a separate fund/savings for any health eventuality.
    By the way, with my wife we had follow a similar saving/investing path than the one you guys are doing, we’re in our mids 30 without kids and still working just because we still feel that we love what we do (both IT eng), even that we have surpassed our threshold for savings for retirement.
    Love what you do, and my only advice is wish for the best and prepare for the worst. šŸ˜‰


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