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DIY “Samsung Family Hub” Refrigerator with Raspberry Pi + Camera!!!

I got tired of seeing the commercials for Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator with the cameras inside, so I decided to make my own. I used a Raspberry Pi and USB webcam to take a picture inside our fridge and upload it.

Whenever the door opens, a light sensor triggers the a simple program I wrote to take a picture and upload it via FTP to our website. Total cost was about $80 dollars.

See what’s in our fridge!

Parts I Used (Amazon Affiliate)
Webcam – https://amzn.to/1ZMaJvg
Raspberry Pi – https://amzn.to/1tt1wOx
Light Sensor – https://amzn.to/28zYI1Z
SD Card – https://amzn.to/28zYg3H
Keyboard and Mouse – https://amzn.to/1tt1LsV

Download the python program: