Mike and Lauren Exposed! Income, Expenses, Net Worth Revealed

Hope you’re feeling nosy! We’re about to strip down to our financial birthday suit and reveal our income, expenses and net worth. We did it to keep ourselves accountable to our goals and make things more interesting for you guys.

We debated for months whether we should or not, but decided it would need to happen sooner or later, so why not sooner!

We’ll cover our expenses in detail in another video.

Here’s a link to the Blank_Net_Worth_Projections?spreadsheet I referenced in the video.

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6 thoughts on “Mike and Lauren Exposed! Income, Expenses, Net Worth Revealed

  1. Michael Crosby

    Hey Mike and Lauren, I just listened to a podcast interview from a Voluntary Life. Looking forward to checking out your website.

    You mentioned Jacob at ERE. You’re probably a fan of MMM too.

  2. Michael Alder

    Hi Mike and Lauren,
    I just came across your blog from your video on affordanything.com. Congrats on your net worth! The information you are sharing on your blog is great. I’m 34 and I believe my generation and younger needs advice like this! Work hard, live within your means and invest aggressively to achieve freedom!

  3. EL @ Moneywatch101

    I also found you from the afford anything site. Great video you had with Paula and the net worth big reveal as well. If you were anonymous it should be easier to expose the numbers, but for me family and friends read my site, so no exposure for me yet. You guys are very brave that you did this, and the net worth you have is great for your age. Keep it up and you’ll be free sooner than expected.

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Thanks for the comment. We’re definitely not anonymous, but can understand why most people would want to keep their exposure limited. We found friends and family to be overwhelmingly positive.

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