Everyone Thinks About Money

People often assume we obsess over money. That’s actually pretty far from the truth. In fact, we propose you might think about money more than we do.

What’s more important is that you approach every financial decision from a place of strength and control, not weakness. In the video, we discuss a few reasons why our lifestyle lends itself to that mindset.

2 thoughts on “Everyone Thinks About Money

  1. PhotonJohn

    Great video. I have never really thought about money but it has not been good. I make more than enough and have a house that is at a 1/1 debt to income. My problem has always been purposely investing like it should be. My investments should be more automatic. But your point is that developing good habits is the most important aspect and realizing that all the “stuff” is not what makes our lives.

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Thanks for the comment! Congrats on having such a successful career. We love having everything automatic. I definitely recommend having investments automatically withdrawn a day or two after checks are deposited. That way you can spend whatever is left all month without guilt.

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