DIY Concrete Toilet Tank Sink – This SHOULD Be On Every Toilet!

QUIKRETE is having a contest for the best project using one bag of concrete. (Not a sponsor.) I decided to make a “toilet tank top sink.” I first saw the idea on toilets in Japan.

When you flush the toilet, the fill water is re-routed to a faucet (don’t worry, it’s perfectly clean). You wash your hands like normal, then watch the water drain directly into the toilet tank. Next time you use the bathroom, the recycled water flushes the toilet and clean water is dispensed from the faucet. The design saves an estimated 1 gallon of water per person, per day! No modifications are made to the toilet except for routing the fill water tube into the bottom of the faucet.

Hopefully it’s good enough to win the $2500 dollar prize 🙂

8 thoughts on “DIY Concrete Toilet Tank Sink – This SHOULD Be On Every Toilet!

  1. Patty

    Will you sell me one? I’ll be building a house and would like for you to please reuse your mold (which was so expensive to make) and charge me to help pay for your project. Will you please make another one and sell it to me?

    1. Culver Van Der Jagt

      I’d like to advertise “Sink Twice” (a toilet top sink) on your YouTube channel or in affiliation with this article. You may want to include a fill cycle diverter into your project to double your water savings.

  2. Danielle @DIYDanielle

    This is definitely a 10/10. I LOVE this idea so much. Brilliant. I’ve seen a few of these for sale, but they don’t look nearly as nice. We’d save SO much water this way and my kids could actually REACH that.

    If you’re feeling inspired, feel free to share on my sustainability link up. 😉 We are sort of small, but I’d love to feature your idea.

  3. Mandi

    Did you win? That was so cool to watch. I’m so not a DIY person, My mind just doesn’t work that way. But kudos to you!!!! Amazing!!

          1. Isiah

            Will you do a build series? Being the McGyver of YouTube has its perks. Keep the great Vids coming.

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