9 Simple Ways To Start Saving Money

If you’re just getting started budgeting, here are 9 simple ways you can get started saving money.

1. Make coffee at home (we cold brew).
2. Buy generic medicine and food.
3. Borrow eBooks from the library.
4. Downgrade your internet speed.
5. “Pre-game” before going out to bars.
6. Sell one item on craigslist, right this minute.
7. Don’t speed (fuel economy and tickets)
8. Make your own household cleaners.
9. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.

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4 thoughts on “9 Simple Ways To Start Saving Money

  1. Heather

    Good ideas. On the homemade cleaners end of things, have you tried making your own laundry soap? It saves me a lot and is so easy to make.

    1. Mike And Lauren Post author

      Yes, I would really like to try making our laundry soap! Right now we are working through a giant bottle of detergent we bought at Sam’s Club, but when it’s gone this is the first thing on the list.


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